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• Feb 12, 2019 - 09:10

Copying lyrics to clipboard does not collect all the lyrics.
I've attached two files: the MuS one is part of a Shubert's mass of which only the Soprano part is visible.
The second file it's a PDF of a doc I wrote by extracting soprano's lyrics and adding the measure# in red.
In blue it's the missing lyrics area.

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I don't usually use lyrics so I didn't comment previously expecting someone who deals more with choral music to respond. What I found is that the lyrics that did not copy are not in voice 1.

I see no compelling reason to put the lyrics anywhere but voice 1. You can select the measures with the non-voice 1, right click a lyric, choose Select>All similar elements in range selection, cut the selected lyrics, select a voice 1 note and paste the lyrics. They will then be transferred to voice 1.

The lyrics not in voice 1 not being copied I see is a problem. I don't know how it should be addressed. How should the lyrics be pasted into a document in such a situation? There are legitimate uses for different voices with lyrics, like a score where alto and soprano are on the same staff with soprano lyrics above and alto lyrics below.

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Thanks Mike320, that helps. Now, as for how should be addressed I'll give you my idea.
In my experience with music scores I see frequently on one stave multiple voices (typically not more than two).
Let's say, for instance SOPRANO 1 and SOPRANO 2 (the same apply to ALTO, TENORE and BASSO).
While S1 can have different notes from S2, I HAVE NEVER SEEN (but that's only in my experience for what it counts) different lyrics.

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As I initially said, my experience with choral works is limited. There are others with far more experience around here that would be a better option to look at the issues involved in copying lyrics to the clipboard.

I know there are scores with the Soprano and Alto on the same staff, and they at times have different rhythms and/or lyrics. For example, the Soprano may hold a note on a word while the alto repeats the word using a shorter rhythm. In a case like this, the use of voices makes sense and the soprano is written above the staff, while the alto is written below it.

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You can absolutely tell which voice a lyric is in. Select a measure and voice 1 lyrics are blue, voice 2 are green and voice 3 are orange. If you use the selection filter, uncheck voice 1 and select a group of measures, you will see that only non-blue lyrics (and everything else) are selected. You can then right click any lyric and choose select>All similar elements in range selection to choose all of the lyrics not in voice 1. You can then cut all of them with ctrl+x, click the voice 1 note and press ctrl+v to put them into voice 1. Don't forget to check voice 1 at this point so you can later make voice 1 selections. You now have all of the lyrics you selected in voice 1. You may need to do this in multiple places to move all of the lyrics to voice 1 so they can all be copied to the clipboard.

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