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• Feb 12, 2019 - 10:35

Hi there :)
As an old user, just thought MuseScore's next version could have a re-designed interface and took the personal liberty of unleashing the imagination and designing some possible previews, where the palettes are a lil bit less space-consuming and more stylized.
Here are some examples:
musescore 4 white.png
musescore 4 dark.png

of course, this is just a suggestion, and version 3 was practically just released so it's Gonna take some time to do that next version we've never haaad! , and it isn't perfect/complete –i may have not thought of everything– and it would imply element rearrange, aand... sorry if i offended with my ideas ":l
but i liked the icons after all, :v

Just thought of leaving it here in the forum for the developer team's consideration, as written in the website's 'Contribute' page, "to help shape the software's future design" :)


Took me a moment to understand what this is showing, but I do like it! Basically, you've replaced wordy palette titles with icons, and made the palettes open in new windows rather than inline with the main palettes window.

The linear toolbar at top is already possible, btw, more or less - you can drag the individual sub-toolbars around.

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I remember u! :0 You are developer @ MuseScore.. and also pro user and author of "Mastering MuseScore" –ok this is the scene where u could answer me "I know who I am, dude", sorry– i was just hoping to offer some different perspective. Yes, that's in short terms what i did ':b i thought it could be a neat & nice way to gain some screen space. I know it isn't likely to shape Musescore's future interface, but.. heh, i had to try :b and i'm glad you liked it

(i know about the linear toolbar but my screen too tiny for that, huh) v':

@RicardoHerrera Your suggested redesign is a very effective use of space, and I will admit that in MuseScore 3.0 I find the smaller palette icons a bit difficult. And the wider Inspector in MS 3.0 steals valuable space from the score pages.

Popup tooltips could explain the title or purpose of the single icons in your palette design. It would be a bit of a learning curve for everyone, but it's definitely an idea worth pursuing.

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wow, I'm impressed. I thought it was some kind of professional thing you had there.
You've also made some icons, right? like this one :
Screenshot_2019-02-13 interface suggestion.png
And I really like this idea:
Screenshot_2019-02-13 interface suggestion(1).png

And seeing this made me think of something:
Screenshot_2019-02-13 interface suggestion(2).png
Could it replace the Ctrl+F goto window? I'm thinking of something like when you click on measure, you can enter the measure you want to go. But this should probably be another forum post.

Great suggestion. I am vision impaired and would have a much easier time with a less cluttered screen. I am not a programmer so don't know how difficult it would be to de-clutter the screen and maintain functionality.

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I think it's a great suggestion to allow for some de-cluttering of the screen. The screen can look a bit overwhelming initially, and for most sessions you're probably just using a fraction of the options.
Logic Pro X does this reasonably well....with its 'screensets' concept which are layouts that you can create and save. Each screenset has just the 'bits' you want to look at in a session e.g. with the environment (a complex beast) or without, with score display/without etc. I have made 4 screensets for playing/recording, playback, notation editing and rig (instruments) configuration for example. They all need you to look at and change various groups of things, but you don't want to see all these groups at the one time. Based on whatever I'm doing in a session, I pick the screenset best suited to the task at hand.
The language of music notation is inherently complex, and it would be a real art to make score editing look as simple as possible - for what you need to do at a specific time i.e. in a 'session'. Technically though, I'm not sure how big the task would be for the coders: it depends on the architecture of the app, and could be relatively simple, or quite complex based on this. But all do-able of course with time and investment. Again: great suggestion you've made, I would love to see it come to fruition!

I really like this idea! Esp. the view mode and zoom settings being shrunk and put in the bottom left corner where they belong ;-)

Thought must just be given to the handling of the case where the popup palette would hide the selection. What should happen then? Should we move the canvas to the right to unhide the selection?

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