How to Convert a SoundFont File from sf2 to sf3

• Feb 13, 2019 - 17:41

Hi, Gang!!!

I wonder if there is an easy way to convert a soundfont file in sf2 format to sf3 format...

This is because I think I discovered that MuseScore works better with the sf3 format.

Some idea???

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!



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I tried to install it into my Ubuntu Studio 18.04.1 LTS system, BUT...

Even the fact, it seems to be installed... There is not any result!!! Not a shotcut to any software. Not something into MuseScore. Not some registered executable package anywhere!!!


I think you will discover, though, that you are mistaken about MsueScore working better with sf3. It's the same thing except sf3 needs to be uncompressed first, so it's slower to load, but after that should be identical.

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It is just my suspicious mind, Marc.

When I use the MuseScore_General.sf2, I had been experimenting some problems, specially when I use the symphonic orchestra tutti, at full volume... There is a noticeable silent on some instruments, something like the internal synthesizer can not to handle all the involved sounds.

The same piece, but with the sf3 version of the same soundfont... Works so fine, perfectly!!!


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I have experiencied this issue in my laptop (HP G250, Pentium, 8GB RAM), only.

The other PCs (MSI-7788, Intel I5, 8Gb RAM) don't show this behaviour.

When I use the sf2 soundfont file... I can hear, clearly, how some instruments are silent in the symphonic orchestra tutti, at full volume (as the file I added here).

There is not any problem when I use the sf3 soundfont file.

Maybe, as my laptop is older than my desktops... MuseScore has this problem with non-compressed soundfont file when the processor is not enough newer.

It is just my thought...

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This sounds like you use the Debian versions of the soundfont… hm, good, because this is the same as I have.

On my laptop (dual core 2 GHz) the sound stutters when I play it for the first time. When I play it again, it sounds good. Perhaps this is a performance issue… the file has a large amount of instruments, after all. Memory might also be an issue. But I cannot imagine how SF3 would improve that here.

Which of the instruments are you not hearing?

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