Problem setting up portrait orientation for individual parts in MuseScore Revision a8b90a8

• Feb 14, 2019 - 14:11

I am generally very happy with MuseScore 3, but I have noticed an irritating "feature". I like my master scores to be displayed in landscape A4, and individual instrument parts in portrait A4. I can easily set parts to portrait A4 in the "Format -Page settings" menu, but when I subsequently save the score and then reload it later, the individual instrument parts have often reverted to landscape A4. Before I can print I have to reset the orientation to portrait.

There seems to be no consistency about it. I attach 2 scores, The Londonderry Air maintains its portrait orientation for the individual parts, but the Viola 4tet template does not. Any thoughts would be most welcome.

I am using Windows 10.

Many thanks


When I load your viola file, I see the score landscape, parts portrait. Is there some specific series of steps I need to follow in order to see a problem?

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Thank you for looking at this Marc,

This is all very curious because it seems to be totally inconsistent for me. A few scores keep their portrait orientation Ok, but many don't. I have attached my 4 viola version of Bohemian Rhapsody, a good case in point.

EVERY time I load it the individual parts revert to landscape orientation. I change them back to portrait and re- save the file, which is what I have done for the file I have attached here. As far as I can tell, the individual parts here should be in portrait mode.

Before I submitted this reply I tried re-loading the file and sure enough it reverted to landscape orientation. It really is a puzzle. It is just a bit of a bother, before I can print anything I have to change the orientation back again.

I wonder if it might be an issue resulting from some form of conflict between MS 2 and MS3. Many of my scores started life in MS2 but since I have installed MS3 I have obviously loaded them into that and converted them. I have as yet not uninstalled MS2 as I wanted to be sure that MS3 would be stable. Do you think this might be part of the problem? I wonder if uninstalling MS3 and re-installing it might help? What do you think.

Another point - I have changed some aspects of the basic style such as choosing my own fonts. I wonder if a new installation with default settings might be worth a try.

Once again many thanks for your attention to this issue.


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MuseScore 2 & 3 coexist with no interference at all, they are completely separate applications. So that can't be it.

When I load the Bohemia Rhapsody score, I see portrait for parts. But when I open the MSCX file within the MSCZ archive using a text editor, I see there is actually no info about page size for the parts at all recorded there. So it's taking defaults.

One possible variable here is what your default printer is at the moment you open the score - there is code to set a default page size based on that, and maybe opening at different times or on different systems with different default printers could change things somehow. So maybe if you set up your printer to print landscape before openign the score, that's how the parts appear?

Also, there is a preference you can set in Edit / Preferences / Score to control the default style setting for parts. I believe this should only take effect when creating the parts, but maybe the page size settings are honored every time you open? Not sure.

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Aha!!! Now we are getting somewhere I think. It definitely isn't printer related as that is set to portrait.

Following your very helpful latest reply I have been looking at styles. I had set a default score style to include landscape orientation and this same style was being used for the parts. I had forgotten that I had done this. (Actually I don't ever remember setting the part style!)

I have now set up and saved a new style for parts that uses portrait orientation. I have set up "Preferences -Score-Style for part" to point to this new style. I then shut down MS3 and then fired it up again and this seems to have done the trick, at least for creating new scores. So far I have test loaded a variety of my existing scores and they all seem to pick up the required part style. If I find existing scores that don't automatically pick up this portrait style it will now be easy to load the portrait style for the parts and re-save the file. That I think should then solve the problem.

Many thanks for your help over this. I am learning new things every day.

Incidentally, all the friends I show MS to are mightily impressed. I know at least one has taken it up.


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