A couple of issues with Musescore 3

• Feb 15, 2019 - 13:28

There are two items I need help with when using Musescore 3.

First, the "new score window" that pops up when you first open Musescore - the window where you select new or another already finished chart - is completely blank. Nothing shows up, and the window must be manually clicked closed to continue. How do I make this window operate the same as in Musescore 2?

Second, when trying to put Musescore 2 charts into the Musescore 3 scores folder to keep everything neat, in one place, and alphabetically organized, the Musescore 3 program makes me "reset elements." This causes the Musescore 2 imported charts to be changed so that certain elements are not where they should be, and attempted editing/moving of the elements does not put them back where they belong. Also, I don't want to re-edit every chart I move, I just want to copy it to the new Musescore 3 file folder intact, unchanged, and completely the same as originally scored.

Thanks for your help.

Ralph Aresti


Don't mix version 2 and version 3 scores. It gets confusing which score was made with which version. Since version 2 can't open a version 3 file, this could be a problem. If you don't like the results you get from converting a file to version 3, then don't save it, keep in your version 2 folder.

I don't use the "new score window" so I'm not sure what you mean. I open Edit(Musescore on Mac)->Preferences and have "Resume last session" selected.

I am thinking the "new score window" you refer to is the Start Center. It shows the scores you have opened recently. SInce MuseScore 3 is new, you haven't opened anything with it yet, that is why it is blank. Once you have opened some scores with it, then it will start showing scores.

As noted, MuseScore has a very different and much improved layout system, so it's just not going to be the case that scores will look identical, with or without the reset. Often they'll look quite a bit better, but sometimes if you made a lot of manual adjustments it won't be as good. Standard advice is to keep MuseScore 2 around for those scores where this is an issue, use MuseScore 3 for everything else.

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