Gong Soundfont

• Feb 15, 2019 - 23:01

Does anyone know where I can find a decent soundfont for a gong or tam-tam??


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Instead some "ethnic" sounds, the original General MIDI creator should reserve a Number to Gong, a very used instrument into the "serious" music.

BTW: With the MuseScore synthesizer, we can use Gong sound if we use more than one soundfont file at a time.

Let's say: Load both: "MuseScore General Full.sf2" and "Timbres of Heaven GM_GS_XG_SFX V 3.4 Final.sf2".

Then, you will be able to use (through MuseScore Mixer capabilities) the real Gong sound, which is on the "Timbres of Heaven GM_GS_XG_SFX V3.4 Final.sf2" soundfont file, while all the other instruments can be used from the standard "MuseScore General Full.sf2" soundfont file.

Unfortunately, there is no way to save that configuration into the score file. So... If someone else plays it with another soundfont files...He/She won't get the real Gong sound!!!

This last issue could be fixed, some way, into a future MuseScore version... Wouldn't be??? (hi hi hi!!!)

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There are a couple of ways to save the sounds into a file. First, before you save the score use the synthesizer and click Save to score. This does not put the sounds into the file, but it does save all of the assignments. You can then put a note for anyone using your file explaining the fonts necessary to use load from score to be able to play it back the same way you do.

Second, you can save the audio online with the score and it will play on line the same way it sounds on your computer. Users can tell you have done this because there is a large "Custom audio" on the scores icon on MuseScore.com

I realize neither of these assign the sound to the file to be shared, but both make it easier for someone else to duplicate what you have done.

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