German score direction "G Saite fort und fort": what does it mean?

• Feb 21, 2019 - 15:58

This instruction to Vln. 1 "G Saite fort und fort" appears in Bruckner's Symphony No 5, Movement 1 at mm. 109-110. The image is taken from the "high-quality" version of the full score #562139 here:…

Many thanks for some guidance (I never was a string player).


This is an instruction to play on the G string. If I were playing this, I suspect I would continue laying on the G string for some time, like until rehearsal mark D. There are other instructions to continue playing on the G string until F, but that is my best understanding. As for transcribing and getting playback there is nothing you can do except put the text in the same spot in the same way and let the violinists decide what they think it means.

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