Triangle Wave

• Feb 27, 2019 - 00:12

You should add a Triangle Wave as many songs would be a lot easier to produce with it along with people who remake music to be "8-bit"


MuseScore uses the "General MIDI" standard, which does not include this, so the commonly-available soundfonts that use this standard don't include it either. But you are welcome to find a non-standard soundfont that does include this sound, see the Handbook under "Soundfonts" to learn more.

The "GeneralUser GS MuseScore V1.442.sf2" soundfont file (available from somewhere on this web page), has the Triangle Wave sound in its extra banks.

Remember that a lot of soundfont files has more than the 128 standard MIDI sounds (bank 0).

So... You can use that sound, selecting it into the MuseScore Mixer panel.

For some reason the "square synthesizer" is actually much more triangle-like (it doesn't have the same harsh timbre). With the "saw synthesizer" for the sawtooth wave and "percussion synthesizer," you can get pretty close to the C64 SID sound chip.
Of course, now the question is, can I find something that actually sounds like a square wave?

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