Renaming Parts in Musescore 3

• Feb 27, 2019 - 22:10

I commonly create music for multiple instrument parts, such as Horn 2, Baritone 1, Trumpet 3 and so on. In Musescore 2, I was always able to accomplish this by double-clicking on the text labeled "Bb Trumpet" or "Baritone Horn" and editing the text (like any other text edit). I can't do this on Musescore 3. Is this possible? Is it even a feature yet?


I recall an issue asking to add this back, but I can't find it now. For now, you can edit it via right click, staff/part properties and long and short instrument names.

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Normally, when changing instruments, it is correct for the staff names to be changed as well. If you don't want that, but are only changing instruments to get a different sound on playabck, then don't actually use Change Instrument after adding your Instrument text - instead go straight to the Mixer and just change the sound in the sub-channel that was automatically generated for the new instrument.

On my Win7 machine MuseScore 3.2.3 selecting Staff/Part Properties results in beeps where ever I click nothing works. The menu never appears and I can't move windows or do anything untill I press esc. Esc kills the staff/parts properties function. have to reinstall 3.0.2 where the menu appears and it all works normally.

Double click the part name on the staff. In the dialogue box that opens up rename the part from say Trumpet to Trumpet 2. Also do this edit in Long name and short name. Press Apply and you are good to go.

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