MuseScore 3 cannot save properly. "This tie" keeps on disappearing. NO MAGIC REQUIRED

• Mar 2, 2019 - 19:38
  1. Download the file below.
  2. Tie the two last G-notes together, and save it.
  3. Close the score and open it.
    You'll see your tie is gone.

It's quite annoying, I can't upload my 11-pages long score because of this bug.

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BE PATIENT. It's the weekend and there aren't as many people hanging out in the forums as during the week. Someone will eventually test it to see what's going on. I personally verified what you say is true, and I have some theories as to what's happening. I don't have time to investigate the minimal requirements to reproduce the problem. In a few hours, if no one has found the root cause, I'll have time to look at it.

Ok, I've tracked down the cause of the bug. When you have nested tuplets, you lose a tie or slur from most notes inside the nested tuplet to the outside of the tuplet.

It looks like it has to be a triplet in a triplet. I know it didn't disappear using a 5th-let in a triplet.

So this is a bug that needs reported at

It will probably end up being a severity S4-Minor bug, but you can try calling it a S3-Major bug since there is no workaround. Though it's a big pain for you, it's a rarely used feature affecting fewer users than a lot of other bugs that need fixed. The programmers will assign a priority and adjust the severity if they don't agree with you.

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