MIDI ouput - sustain pedal end not being sent

• Mar 4, 2019 - 20:03

The music in question has sustain pedals that begin at the first note of the measure and end at the last note of the measure. When I play this, the MIDI output doesn't recognize the sustain end and the notes continue to be sustained forever. When I play the same thing through my computer speakers (non-MIDI), it sounds fine so this appears to be a MIDI note-off issue. This is especially noticeable starting playback in measure 20, but it's happening everywhere, e.g. if you delete the notes in measure 2 and replace with rests and then playback, you'll hear sound in measure 2 but you shouldn't.

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You mention MIDI output - are you outputting MIDI to a physical synthesizer or to some other program like DAW software? Or do you simply mean the built-in playback?

If you are using actual MIDI output, my guess is your receiving device/program isn't doing a good job of handling a pedal down then up on the same "tick", and that's more a problem with that device/software than with MuseScore. If you mean the built-in playback, then my guess is you didn't attach the pedal markings correctly, and you perhaps are trying to drag the ends to make it look different than it actually is.

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I'm outputting the MIDI directly to my Kawai ES110. I've also exported to a MIDI file, loaded that into Pianoteq stand-alone with the same results. When I playback just through my computer's speakers, I don't have the problem. Thanks for your advice, I'll look into this more when I have time.

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I can't get this to work properly. The problem appears to be that no pedal off is sent to MIDI in this case:
You're playing in 4/4 time, an eighth note arpeggio in the treble and a single whole note in the bass. The next measure, you're doing the same thing but you change to a different chord. In each case, you want the pedal to apply to the entire measure and at the end of each measure you want to lift the pedal. However, when you do this Musescore doesn't recognize that there should be a pedal off at the end of the measure because the next measure begins with a pedal on (i.e. no notes are played with pedal off). I can get around this by applying the pedal to all the eighth notes in the treble except for the last one in the measure, but this isn't what would happen if you were really playing. You would very quickly release and depress the pedal at the end of the measure/beginning of the next.

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Thanks Ziya. That's a great tool for looking at MIDI detail - it's obvious to me now that Musescore is correctly sending the on/off pedals, so the problem must be with my instrument or audio interface. I'll keep digging to see if I can isolate what's causing it but it doesn't appear to be a Musescore problem.

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I am also troubled with the same problem as you.
I used Mr.Ziya’s good example,“Sustain-Pedal_Test.mscz”
(: pedal-on. ): pedal-off.
Score (5C4EG5C)(4BEGB)(4AEGA)(4GDEG)
Change:the next pedal-on is the second note.
Score (5C4EG5C)4B(EGB)4A(EGA)4G(DEG)
This will avoid note's duplication. However, the sound breaks off only one note.
I hope for better improvement.

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