How do you move a rest, or can you?

• Mar 11, 2019 - 17:14

I have my 3 cords written, and then a 1/4 rest at the end. I was wondering if there was a way to move the position of rest from the end of the measure to the beginning of the measure?


Ticklin' Ivories


If you don't attach the score itself, it is so hard to help, because we can not to see the whole context.

But... I assume that you are in a 4/4 bar and the 3 chords are quarter notes. If this is the case, you can not to move any rest at the end of the bar, because the bars have to be "complete", always (a 4/4 bar has to have 4 quarter notes inside, or its equivalent).

So... Your case is:

CHORD (1/4) + CHORD (1/4) + CHORD (1/4) + REST (1/4) = 4/4 (A whole note)

It is a basic music law.

The only point of the score where you can have an incomplete bar, is at the end of the piece (the last bar).

To get this, you have to right click on an empty place of the bar, and click on the "Bar properties" option. Then you have to look for the boxes of the "Bar duration". Above is the "academic" duration. Below is the "Real" duration. Then, in this case, you have to change that "Real" value, from 4 (/4) to 3 (/4). SO, you will have a bar with only three times (your three chords).

That's all, folks!!!

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OK, so how can I correct a scanning error that put a rest at the end of the measure? It should be part way way through before several notes but was placed at the end. FYI, the pdf score that was scanned was direct digital output from a notation program, so it's perfectly clean. There were many errors that would not occur if I were entering the score, I'm trying to fix the mess.

I don't seem to be able to simply move the rest to where it should be.

Select all 3 chords and Ctrl/c (cut)
If the first rest is not a 1/4 rest, hit 5 and then zero which will place a 1/4 rest.
Go to the next rest and press Ctrl/v to paste.

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Would anyone like to post a "YouTube" video demonstrating how to do this?

I agree it would be easier if I uploaded the bar in question. The reason I didn't I didn't know if I could. I'm trying learn "A Lover's Concerto" as my first piece ever. And Musescore is great at helping me learn where all the notes are, like "Low C" vs. "Bass C," not to mention all the others. The Virtual Piano Keyboard helps with that.

All of which is for my private use. Sooo, I erred on the side of safety, by just describing the situation as best as I could, without the uploading anything.

By the same token, I've seen a few compositions of "A Lover's Concerto" uploaded on the site, so I'm confused. Not to mention a few other songs I'm interested in also learning to play.

Ticklin' Ivories

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It's still not totally clear what you are trying to do.

If you are trying to create a pickup measure - a measure containing just the three quarter notes at the beginning of the piece - then you don't want to move the rest, you want to delete it. So, click it and press Ctrl+Delete.

If this is a full measure in the middle of the piece and there are supposed to be four beats but you made a mistake and forgot to enter the rest but instead simply entered the notes, then it's not the rest you need to move, but rather, the notes. Select them - click the first, Shift+click the last - then Ctrl+X to cut, then click the first beat of the measure, Ctrl+V to paste.

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I was unaware that any ambiguity existed. Thanks for letting me know.

What I've been trying to describe is reflected in the second paragraph.

Although, I tried to quickly check in musescore, the score, has reverted back to an earlier stage in the process, since I last used the program earlier this morning.

Any thoughts on my remarks re: copyright in my earlier post?

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When I say it's not clear what you are trying to do, I don't mean, it's not clear what your overall goals are in life :-). I mean, it's not clear what specific result you want in the specific measure you were asking about. That's why I got very specific about the two possibilities and the solutions to each.

Generally, attaching a sample score in a support forum will not get you or anyone else into trouble. Even if the copyright holder took offense (almost no chance of that when posting to a support forum), worst that happens is the web admin takes it down.

As for your score reverting, either you pressed Ctrl+Z or clicked Undo, or else you saved a copy of the score under a different name or to a different location than where you are looking now.

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I image I pressed control z multiple times and closed the program. Hence, it got revised back to one of its earliest states, as far as progress is concerned. Like the Pickup measure.

That's a good Idea, backing up the score. I just read about a guy who went to New Orleans on a photography shoot, downloaded all the photos to his computer, and by mistake, thinking it was a different folder, unfortunately, he deleted all the pictures from his NOLA trip, by mistake.

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