Custom Instruments

• Mar 11, 2019 - 22:22

I was wondering if there is a way to import a custom instrument that isn't listed on the instruments provided with Musescore.


You can create one using staff/part properties and the mixer or add a custom instruments.xml with new instruments, though the documentation on this is not clear.

If you're talking about you want to add some new sound to the soundfont file MuseScore is using... You have to learn to use some soundfont editor software to get that (too hard but...).

If you're talking just about the visual presentation of some "new" instruments on the staves, you just have to chose the closest instrument MuseScore has and, then, you can change its name on the "Staff properties".

You can change its sound in the Mixer, too (unless the sound of the custom instrument be very, very, very "rare").

It's worth mentioning that MuseScore has many more instruments than are shown by default in the Add Instruments dialog, such as "Violone" and "Baroque Trumpet". You can find these additional instruments by changing the dropdown filter from "Common" to "All Instruments", or by typing in the searchbox.


MuseScore has hundreds of instruments, but only about 70 are shown by default.

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