Maybe a silly question

• Mar 14, 2019 - 19:15

Hi, Gang!!!

I know this could be a very silly question, but...

I want to know if MuseScore reads the soundfont additional file which is in the SoundFont folder.

I'm talking about, let's say: I use the "GeneralUser GS 1.471.sf2" soundfont file. In the same folder this soundfont file is, there are two text files that have all the internal parameters of the soundfont file (Patchs numbers and names; MIDI Controllers; Drum Percussion Sets, etc).

In other words, all the files are:

1) GeneralUser GS 1.471.sf2 (main soundfont file)

2) GeneralUser GS 1.471.ins (instruments list)

3) GeneralUser GS 1.471-Drumsets.ins (drumsets list)

Does MuseScore use those files???

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!



Cut them from the folder and paste them somewhere else and try to use MuseScore. If it doesn't work if you try to play something, it uses the files ;-) More than that I don't know. Someone else maybe do know without needing my experiment.

Musescore is too smart to need these files :) (*.ins : "instrument definitions file")
These files are for MIDI sequencers that do not have their own synthesizers that cannot see inside the soundfonts.

Though I can't say the same about drumset files, but the "ins" files were useless in the Musescore.

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