Can't useMusescore 2 with Musescore 3

• Mar 15, 2019 - 11:38

Musescore 3 doesn't allow me to open Musescore 2 items in Musescore 2. There are times I want to use version 2.

This is keeping me from using MS3. Would love to see the option for choosing which version I would like to use.

Also, many of the menu items have changed and/or are missing.

I do love your product, but haven't been impressed with version 3...Have to say it is kind of awkward to use.


Start MuseScore 2 and open whatever score you like (as long as it has been laste saved with MuseScore 2 or older)
Also Right-click a score and "Open with" should work (but you need to set that up, not sure, it works for my, but I might have set it up thate way too long ago to remeber)

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