Dot size is small in instrument parts

• Mar 20, 2019 - 23:20

After creating parts for all of the instruments, I noticed some of the dots next to dotted quarter/eighth/sixteenth notes in the individual parts had shrunk. Tried adjusting this in the style menu, and unless I did something wrong, it didn't change anything. Score is attached

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You're not the first to mention this, I just can't find where else I've seen it discussed so I can tell if a bug report has been filed.

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That's very interesting. The dots were definitely small on my computer, however after downloading the file I shared (which is now an older version), the dots are no longer small. Could this be just be a graphical glitch on my computer? It doesn't make sense that it is changing for me. I specifically remember noticing it in the snare drum part. The dots in the first half of the piece would be fine, but in the second half, they would all be small.

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Looks like they are small at first but change to full size on save/reload. Definitely a bug. I recall seeing similar glitches in 2.x but I think we've fixed most of them, looks like this particular one broke anew for 3.0. Could you file an official bug report using Support / Issue tracker, above? Set Severity to Major.

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