Exporting score in proper format for publishing

• Mar 22, 2019 - 08:39

I self published a book four years ago and was very pleased with the result. Now I’d like to publish a book of recital pieces which have been popular on my blog. But I need to be able to paste the score pages as graphics. Everything I’ve tried ... with a png or jpeg gives horribly blurred staff lines. My PDF files print beautifully but can’t be used in a book page. Is there a solution?


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I've tried that with my trusty "snipping tool". And you're quite right, the image comes out clean and nice. The only problem is that the PDF file for some weird reason gives a 100% size which is too large for my 8.5 by 11 format. Or the only other option is a 75% which fits nowhere. Perhaps if I use "bleed" choice for the Template, I can work around it. I think at this point I have to tinker with the Kindle format. Thanks for your help!

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I'm using Apache Open Office ... which gave beautiful results for a previous book, which included many photos and illustrations. Create Space has now joined Kindle, but the process appears to be unchanged. They do recommend Word. I know I'll have to treat each score page as a graphic. I'll check further. Thanks!

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I agree, the staff lines are blurry, by graphics/publishing standards. I just opened a pdf with a nice horizontal line, and captured a png of the page using the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC built-in "Edit>Take a Snapshot" command. Got a nice clean line. I tried also with the Microsoft Windows Alt-PrintScreen to capture the image off the screen, and got a blurry line. Maybe the Adobe built-in stuff takes more care to do a better job. Maybe my one experiment was lucky. You could try that.

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Whooopeeee! The built-in "take a Snapshot" worked like a charm. After chasing that maddening little blue box all over the place, I hit on "select all" and got the properly truncated score. Perfect! And it fits my template exactly with beautiful resolution! I'm so delighted I turned a cartwheel and nearly knocked myself out. You've saved me endless frustrating hours. Thank YOU! Merci Beaucoup, Shukriya and Mahalo ( I've run out of languages here.)

Did you check the resolution in Edit / Preferences / Export? Make sure it's 300 or better. Also, don't judge the quality of lines by how they look on screen, much software uses anti-aliasing of some kind to avoid artifacts and this can cause the results to look rather different from the print.

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Thanks. I just checked the resolution and it is the standard 300. I also note that the PDF file is beautifully clean, but the MuseScore page is not early as sharp. However I'll be working from the PDF. I think I'll contact Create Space/Kindle after I get a few pages up and ready and see if I can get some help before committing myself to 150 pages of music! Good to know that there's anti-aliasing out there to help.

Solution has been found. Thank you all so very much for your inputs. I am touched by your help ... I learned something from every one of you. Mahalo and Thanks ...

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