• Mar 26, 2019 - 15:26

I am trying to change the text on a volta in musescore3 but when I right click the volta, I am not getting an option to open the volta dialogue box?? Any thoughts??



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Thanks for your reply. It took me a few minutes to work out what the Inspector was as I don't normally use that but now I have, yes I can do what I want in that. Still don't know why I don't get the dialogue box it says I should by right clicking but at least I can now do what I need to do via your suggestion …. thanks again..

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Thanks for the reply. I had already done that … when I right click the volta, the dialogue box that comes up (titled Volta segment and is not what is shown on the handbook) give no option to edit text. I t worked fin in V2 but not now in v3??? Not sure if it a system error or if I am missing something???

To be clear, in MuseScore 2 you indeed needed to right click and have a dialog pop up and block you from doing anything else until done, and the documentation for MuseScore 2 described how that worked. For MuseScore 3, these problems are solve,d now you can do everything more easily from the Inspector, and the documentation for MuseScore 3 describes this. So, use the MuseScore 2 documentation when using MuseScore 2, use the MuseScore 3 documentation when using MuseScore 3. It's still fairly new so not all the documentation is updated, but it's all being worked on.

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