Adding accents on notes cancels the effects of staccati

• Mar 30, 2019 - 16:42

When I add accents to staccato notes, the "len" of notes is reset to 1000, making that note not detached at all.
The change can be seen when opening piano roll editors. IIRC this wasn't the case for earlier versions.
Also, since one cannot change the len of multiple notes simultaneously, this behavior causes some pain in editing the note lengths individually.


Actually, this has always been the case - multiple articulations applied to the same note clobber each other for playback. Might depend on the order they were added, but anyhow, it didn't work correctly in 2.3.2 either.

For 3.0 there is now a special combined accent/staccato. The issue mentioned above is that this new combined articulation doesn't work in templates that were created before the new articulation was added - the templates just need to be updated.

Meanwhile, if you want this to play as expected, delete the separate markings and add the new combined one. It will work fine in your score because you didn't use an older template.

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I can't remember exactly when, but I participated in a discussion in the forum regarding the need that a clear difference be made between accent and articulation. Articulation deals mainly with duration of the note, while accent has to do with its strength relative to the surrounding notes. Of course, things are not that clear-cut, that's why it would be convenient that the corresponding inspector allowed three things:
1) To change the duration relative to the notated duration (for instance, a staccato would be half the written length)
2) To change the velocity by a specified offset
3) To change the duration of the theoretical written note, which is equivalent to a change of tempo for a single note (agogic accent), in general a lower tempo. See

Marc, you're right - the last one applied wins!
I have Mac version 2.5.2 of MuseScore and it doesn't have the combined sforzado- staccato, but if I put the staccato on last, MS plays it. Thanks for the tip.

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