Accent-staccato playback bug in string quartet template

• Mar 26, 2019 - 19:55
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In my current score there are locations where multiple staves have a note (of the same value) with an accent-staccato at the same time. However, during playback it is very obvious that the notes are played back at different lengths (i.e. they do not cut off at the same time). I'm working with Musescore 3 (

Marc Sabatella answered my query in the Forum: "Seems to be a bug in the string quartet template itself (which I am assuming you used) - it works fine if you right click the violin II staff, Staff Properties, Change Instrument, and re-select violin as the instrument. I think when we added support for this articulation somehow this didn't get updated properly. Could you please file an official bug report on this (see Support / Issue tracker, above - set the Severity field to Minor)."

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I guess we need to update the templates to make sure they have current instrument definitions that pick up the articulations correctly. Seems unfortunate we may need to do this every time we change articulation playback? But also, there are problems with articulation playback in the current master / future 3.1 - see #283563: Bugged playback of accent-staccato

Related issue - templates that include the Electric Guitar instrument need to get updated to see the new channels that were added for distortion etc. See Looks like the jazz combo & big band, plus the rock band.

Bottom line: we should probably be in the habit of regenerating all templates after any change to instruments.xml that involves any of the core instruments. Probably not needed every time we add yet another transposing Duduk or whatever :-)

Probably we need a better strategy so things like this don't keep falling through the cracks, but I don't have any brilliant ideas. I guess it might be nice to re-architect thing so we don't write full instrument definitions to the score if they are just using the defaults (as we do for styles), but I suspect that would come with problems too.

No, this is different. We now have a dedicated marking just for the combine accent staccato, and that is what this issue is about. Attempting to add separate staccato and accents has never worked reliably for playback - not in 2.3.2, not in 3.0. That's one of the reasons the combined marking was added.

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