Decreasing the spacing between two staves

• Apr 2, 2019 - 02:13

There seems to be a limit on how close two staves can be. I want them to be closer. This used to work fine in Musescore 2, where you could hold shift and drag an space of the other stave closer and closer to another stave. In Musescore 3 this is not possible, and even changing the stave setting "Extra distance above stave" to a negative value still produces a limit which is unsatisfactory and does not work.


Version 3 is putting in space to avoid something else. You need to figure out what that something else is and then figure out how to ignore it, move it or delete it.

To be clear, in MuseScore 2, shift+drag was just a synonym for "extra distance above staff" - they did exactly the same thing. Which is, reduce the distance between that staff and next on each and every system, thus creating unequal distance between staves throughout your entire score. It would be quite unusual to want to do this - normally, the purpose of this action would be to create additional space between particular staves throughout your score, like between woodwinds and brass in an orchestral score. So already, I'm not really dsure what problem you are trying to solve, but chances are there was a better way to do whatever it was you were doing this way (like maybe you should have been simply reducing the staff distance in your style settings)?

Anyhow, for 3.0, while shift+drag no longer is available as a synonym for extra distance above staff, the latter works exactly the same as always, so whatever it could do before, it can now - except that you cannot use it to actually create collisions between the contents of the staves. If the goal is to deliberately overlap things, you can instead use the new fixed spacer.

In general, we can understand and assist better if you attach your score and explain the goal.

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There is a cutaway stave in the attached score. The cutaway stave is used as a cue stave, but since it remains hidden most of the time, I would like to not have this hidden stave take up space. When the cue stave needs to be visible, I would use a stave spacer to specifically extend the spacing only for that time.

The fixed stave spacer only works for one system, and since the score contains a great number of systems, you can see the inefficiency of this workaround.

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The problem I have with that option is that I cannot edit that stave on empty systems since it is hidden. This means that I have to have both staves visible all the time, or during the times when I suddenly want to write in a cue part, which then messes the spacing settings of the entire score. For sensitive scores such as mine, it would take a while to readjust the settings, and dangerous if I were to add/remove a cue passage.

But this is tolerable.

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Don't turn on hide when empty.until.yure done, of course. Spacing doesnt matter until then either, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Still even so, your original approach would have worked too, again, extra staff distance hasn't changed and would also have worked. It's just more work.

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