creating 4 bar (measuire) repeats (for drummers)

• Apr 7, 2019 - 20:31

Hi all
I have finished my Big Band score and am now onto formatting the parts. In particular, the drum part which, in common with lots of jazz (and rock?) drum scores, has quite a few multibar (measure) repeats. I have created an example of what I wish to do in the attached jpeg.. Before I implement it, I have the following question(s) to the Musescore elves and drummers.
1) to the Musescore elves: If I implement the example in the drummers score, will it mess up the main score?
2) to drummers: would you read that as, repeat the previous 4 bars (which is what i want) rather than "repeat the previous bar 4 times"?

I can't find any sign for achieving what I want but this, visually, does the job....I hope!
....and looking at the jpeg now, I realise that a couple of semiquaver rests need turning into quaver ones. Doh!

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I suggest that you not create parts until the main score is complete. That way, everything you do in the main score will show up in the parts. You can then adjust the parts, so notes changes and not much else changed in the parts will show up in the score.

The option presented in Musescore suggests joining measures in the edit menu.... i don't have that as an option in the edit menu - any ideas anyone?

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