Barline repeat doesn't work

• Apr 7, 2019 - 23:37

On the attached score the barline repeat for measures 57 to 72 doesn’t repeat.
Musescore 3 , MS Windows.

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Define "doesn't work"

I found that the repeat works until it reaches the end of the score (the D.S. al fine) and then stops after playing the repeat. This is in spite of you setting the repeat count to 3 in measure properties. This is one reason the D.S. doesn't work. MuseScore is confused because it only played the repeat measures twice rather than three times, so it stops. The other reason the D.S. al Fine doesn't work is that there is no Fine. If you mean go back to the sign and play to the end, then only use D.S. and it will play to the end. I realize Fine means end or finish, but when you enter D.S. al Fine, it is expected (and required by MuseScore) that a Fine label be entered.

If you get no repeats played, then I suggest that you check the play repeats button that looks like a repeat barline.

It plays the first ending, the immediately the second, no repeat,
Even before I change the count from 2 to 3.
Even if I remove the sign and the D.S. al Fine.

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In preferences under the General tab there is an option of the light or dark theme.
playback tools.PNG
This is a picture of the playback toolbar with the light theme. The Midi input, Play repeats and Pan buttons are pressed. If a button is pressed is not as obvious in the dark theme.

I didn't know for sure where you wanted the "Fine" to be placed, so I guessed and placed it in measure 52. I changed the repeat count from 3 to 2 in measure 72(near the end). The music played as expected. The repeat worked as did the D.S al Fine. I attached the changed file.

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