How to stop synchronous scrolling between two opened files

• Apr 13, 2019 - 04:56

I open 2 files, copying some materials from file A to file B.

As I switch between the files, I noticed that the page number will automatically be synchronized, i.e. if I am on page 3 of file A, when I switch to file B, it will be page 3 too.

This is not helpful and very irritating as I am looking at different page of each file. Ideally the page shown for each file should be the page last viewed.

Question: how to turn off synchronous scrolling?



Did you get there by using the file compare tool? If so, the synchronized scrolling is expected. You can put a file in two separate views by selecting the menu View->Documents side by side (or stacked). Select the same menu item to return back to single view.

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