Lines and dynamic in the same measure

• Apr 14, 2019 - 22:21

Dear Sirs, I am using musescore 3 and I found a difficulty in a musical elaboration. See the two attachments, in the first one, in the musescore 2 I was able to write the lines crescendo , the dynamic fortissimo ff and then the line diminuendo in the same measure and the dynamic piano p in the next measure, In musescore 3 I can not do the same thing, see the result when I put the piano dynamics in the next measure.
Sorry but I did not find the solution, I'd like some help in that case.


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Mister I found out how to dothis. in musescore 2 I adjusted the line of crescendo ou diminuendo directly, now in mujsescore 3 I have to indicate first by selection the notes or bar that I want to put the line crescendo or diminuendo Otherwise the musescore was automatically setting the bar
Anyway, I'm very grateful.

Hard to tell from just a picture, but my guess is you added the lines incorrectly. It seems you added them over the whole measure then manually adjusted their length to appear as if they were connected to specific notes. better to attach them to the notes in the first place. This would have been the better way to go in MuseScore 2 as well. See the Handbook under "Lines" to learn more.

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