Bug # 3,4,5

• Aug 2, 2014 - 16:56

Win XP MS ver1.3

Tenuto, portato, dportato do not work.

Having said this, I know this is not always true. Tenuto will function early on in a score( up to 40-50 K saved file). When you get to 150K & above it does not work. Somewhere in between it does not show up on screen when clicked in, but 'may' show-up later or when you print, it may be there. Larger the file the less chance of anything. Portato and dportato do not work. Early in the file the stacato may appear above or below the note, but as the file gets larger the note you highlight will flicker and then go out and nothing will be there.
I put these all together because they all relate to the tenuto.


If you mean you don't see them on screen, that can be a function of your zoom and screen resolution settings. At small sizes / low screen resolutions, think lines render poorly/invisible. Zoom in and they show up. This too is improved in 2.0.

If you have a specific file where adding a tenuto does not appear on screen even when zoomed in sufficiently, please post the specific file and the specific instructions on how to reproduce - and again, see if you can reproduce using a Nightly build, as whatever the problem is may already have been fixed,

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