Guitar tablature import from XML goes wrong

• Apr 22, 2019 - 13:31

Hello! I have a MusicXML file that includes a guitar tab. When opening it in MuseScore 3.0.5, all the tablature numbers are displayed on the top string. However, the playback sounds okay. Resetting the instrument and tablature style does not help. Looking into the XML file with a text editor tells me that the correct string data is there. How to make MuseScore display it?


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Wrt file TEST.xml, the string data may be present but it is encoded incorrectly: e.g. at line 123 it uses tuning-step C#/Db, instead of tuning-step C and tuning-alter 1.

Note that fixing this is not sufficient to make the file import correctly. The string data is not read correctly (it is missing from the instrument definition in the MuseScore file produced), nor does MuseScore allow editing of the string data. This smells like an incorrectly imported staff type.

Unfortunately, the story is not over yet. Here's some additional information to who might have similar issues:

  • Dolet + MuseScore 2.3 (Windows 7) works fine. All tab numbers go where they should.
  • Dolet + MuseScore 3.x + Windows 7 = the tab digits are displayed as question marks and placed on the top string. Nothing helps, and after opening such XML, all new guitar tab files that I create from scratch will have the same problem (tab digits will be red question marks. Both linked staff and separate tab staff).
  • Dolet + MuseScore 3.x + Linux = the tab numbers are initially red question marks, but when adding a new linked tab staff, the digits will appear. Naturally, they have lost their correct string information.
  • Sibelius's XML export - no luck at all.

Our current workaround is Dolet + MuseScore 2.3 > MuseScore 3.

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Seems perfectly fine in MuseScore 3.0.5 on Windows 10

EDIT: Could it be that you have a text font file locally installed that could interfere? After all, the tab numbers are drawn using a font; and missing glyphs are often shown as question marks…

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Kristo could test out the font issue theory by right clicking the tablature staff, choosing Staff/Part properties, click Advanced staff Properties then change the font to see if that helps.

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