Drumset brush kit selected, but no brush sounds

• Apr 22, 2019 - 16:07

I don't use percussion alot in MuseScore, and I'm trying to get a brush snare sound. I have drumset selected, and I've gone into the mixer and selected the brush kit; however, when I input or play back the "notes", there's no change, no brush sounds. What am I missing?


I found this comment by @s.christiancollins:
“Hi Victor. Thanks for offering to help out with this! As you may have noticed, the FluidR3 brush samples in MuseScore_General.sf3 sound very little like brushes. The sample for "Brush Kit" MIDI note 40 (brush swirl) sounds more like a hit than a swirl, and MIDI note 38 (brush tap) and 39 (brush slap) sound more like stick hits than brushes.

I would be interested to hear the samples you have created. The CC0 license would be perfect. Ideally, we would like to have the following samples at soft, medium and loud dynamic levels to replace the current brush kit, but we might be able to make good use of what you've already recorded:

Snare Brush swirl (single) - a single swirl of the brush. If you can get multiple samples of this at each dynamic level, that will allow us to potentially use round-robin to keep the sound from being too static. Optionally, also record a sustained swirl pattern at a slow tempo, and I might be able to chop it up for round-robin sample triggering.
Snare Brush stir (sustained) - I can create a loop. Try to avoid rhythmically pulsing the swirl so that it will work at all tempi.
Snare Brush tap - produced by making a quick down-up stroke, playing off the drum head.
Snare Brush slap - produced by playing the brush flat, striking down into the drum head
Hi, mid and low toms - brush hits on all tom toms
Cymbals - if possible, brush hits on crash, ride and hi-hat cymbals along with a sample of closing the hi-hat with the foot pedal
The most important of these would be the snare samples, but it would be nice to have toms and cymbals as well to complete the set.

Another thing to consider in all of this is the way that brush "stirring" is typically notated. If I recall, often text such as "stir continuously with left hand" or simply "stir" will appear over the drum staff. I'm guessing that in MuseScore, one would need to enter and then hide notes to trigger the stir/swirl samples, as there is no system in place that can create an automatic stirring effect with rhythmic, BPM-synced circular motion. Being that you are a jazz drummer, perhaps you could shed some more light on brush notation conventions, as my own drumming experience doesn't feature much jazz.”

In short, all you can do is wait (out record your own samples if you can).

In your post in the other forum, I posted samples with GeneralUser GS soundfont that has the sound you are looking for!!!

There are other free soundfont files in the web with very good brush sounds, too!!!

The problem is that not all those soundfont files have very good orchestral instrument sounds!!!

So...We have to combine more than one soundfont file (inside the MuseScore Synthesizer) to get the sound we want to get!!!

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