Weird "New Score Wizard" bug

• Apr 22, 2019 - 16:09
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Steps to reproduce:

1: Minimize MuseScore by pressing "Minimize" button on the top bar.
2: Move mouse on top of MuseScore icon. Don't click it.
3: You should now see MuseScore window. But it shows "New Score Wizard", as like a ghost.

It also happens:

1: Open "Preferences", then close it.
2: Minimize Musescore.
3: Move mouse on top of MuseScore icon.
4: You see "Preferences" window.


I've sometimes seen any windows I've opened in a session when I move the mouse over the icon preview for several versions. It still happens sometimes on version 3.1-beta. I don't know how to make it happen, it just does. I never worried about it.

My computer has decided to do it for some reason. I did two things before I noticed this. I changed languages and I changed workspaces.
icon preview.png

Reproducibility Always Randomly

I agree the status should be Active, but reproducibility is Randomly since I can't do this on demand.

For it to be Always, others would also need to be able to always see it so someone could figure out the trigger or be able to recreate the issue on demand, which has not been done. When I close and reopen MuseScore, then open some windows I don't see this. When I first commented on this I couldn't see the closed windows. At other times I can always see the closed windows, like now.

As I'm typing this I'm also testing and coming up with a theory. @joonatanrinne1 and @Marc Sabatella, do keep your MuseScore window maximized all the time?

I almost never maximize mine. I was curious if that had something to do with that. What seems more relevant is the size of the window. I tried it with the instruments dialog and saw the issue. I shrunk the instruments so it was all within the frame of my MuseScore window, and I couldn't see the instruments window in the preview. I then grew it again and it reappeared.

This is not the total issue, because on another occasion I saw an error dialog that easily fit inside of my MuseScore window. I opened then closed the style window, which is much larger than the instruments window, and didn't see it in the preview.