Playback doesn't honor ties

• Apr 22, 2019 - 16:17

I have basically been putting up with playback not honoring ties for years thinking it just is what it is, but it has started driving me nuts and I figured I should ask all of you if there is some obvious thing I am missing that allows playback to honor ties? I write music with a lot of syncopation and the playback plays every. single. note. even if it has a tie. The resulting playback is a cacophonous mess. Any suggestions?


I've occasionally and unpredictably experienced this, but only occasionally. In my case, saving the file and opening it again makes the ties play correctly.

Ties play back ever since. Slurs don't though (except for a very subtle effect on some instruments)
If you have a score where ties don't play back, share it here, so we can check

If you click one of these "ties" that don't work, the status bar should call it a "slur". If this is the case, delete the slur and press + to add a tie.

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After years with struggling with no tied-playback, I now, finally understand the difference between a slur and a tie vis a vis MuseScore. Problem for me is that + does not create a tie, nor does clicking the "tie" tool in the toolbar. I've tried this by selecting the starting note and clicking + (or the tool) and by selecting starting and ending note and + (or tool). Nothing happens. I can get a slur just fine, but no ties.

In case it matters, MuseScore 3.4.2 on Linux Mint 19.3.

Great tool BTW!

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I was actually looking at the last two notes in the first part of bar 52, e and f. not working at all here.

Interesting, I just change the first slur to a tie in the first bar - it worked as you said. That made me look harder. Can't tie to different notes but can slur, that's why the last bar didn't work as I expected.

Got it now! Thanks!

And for the record, this has been true for years - ties are ties, slurs are slurs, and ties play back fine. Slurs are on the Lines palette, ties on the toolbar.

Thanks everybody! You learn something new every day. How awful to be using this software for so long and just now realizing my mistake. I was just opening the lines palette and adding a line from there without realizing I was using a slur instead of using the shift + for a tie. Duly noted, thanks again.

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I have seen many posted scores flawed in the same way. Slurs actually look different from ties, but if you don't know that that's your problem, or that you even have a problem, that's not of any help. It is highly lamentable that well-designed human interfaces seem to have relegated the reading of instructions to the same historical wastebasket as penmanship and Attic Greek; there is no longer any way to advise users and potential users (of anything) about anything.

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