Keep 2.0 as default for mscz files?

• Apr 22, 2019 - 18:22

I've downloaded both MS 2 and MS 3 as I have files created in each. I'm using Windows 10. I would like mscz files to STILL be opened by default with MS 2. However, after downloading MS 3, the default app for mscz files has become MS 3. When I try to change it in Settings>Choose Default Apps By File Type, the popup gives me two choices:

MuseScore 3
Look for an app in the Store

Wow. It doesn't even seem to recognize that MS 2 exists on my computer. What to do?


You probably still have the version 2 MuseScore.msi in your downloads folder. Double click that to reinstall it.

When you use Settings>Choose Default Apps By File Type, you should have the option to select another app rather than looking in the store, choose that option and it should list MuseScore 2 as an choice.

If you haven't uninstalled MuseScore 2, there is absolutely no need at all to reinstall it.
Just right click on a mscz file, select another app, then browse the drive to find MuseScore 2, click Always use this app, and done.

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