how reduce space between final verse and base clef

• Apr 29, 2019 - 17:56

I have a four-verse-lyrics on treble-bass staffs.
but there is a large space between verse four and the bass clef.
It was easy to reduce in musescore 2,
but I cannot figure it out in musescore 3.


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The min bottom margin in the lyrics section in Format->Style has been increased to 3. Changing it back to the default of 2 should be sufficient. If needed you can even reduce it more since the autoplacement will not allow the lyrics to collind with the bass staff.

In 3.1-beta I don't need any adjustments to fit it on one page.

Could be a the lyrics space below setting, needed in MuseScore 2 but not anymore in MuseScore 3
But we'd need to see the score to tell for sure.

Following~ I have the same issue. For some reason, MuseScore 3 eliminated the two lines where the extra space between the last line of lyrics and bass clef could easily be adjusted.

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I am transcribing one of the Christmas music for children to sing in my organization. I'm attempting to remove extra space between the last verse in lyrics and bass clef.

In Musescore 2, it was easy to increase or decrease space between lyrics (both top and bottom) and treble/bass clefs. This option/parameter setting is gone from Format/Style/Page for Musescore 3.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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