Pedal Sustaining Bug

• Aug 3, 2014 - 15:56

Hi, I'm a new member of Musescore, although I've been using this software for a considerable amount of time.
I'm arranging a piano sextet for the Touhou song Necrofantasia, and so far it's going great, until I put a pedal in the music in the 3rd Piano and now the whole part is pedalled, from Measure 1-286. Is there any way to fix this? It sounds terrible now whenever I try to play it...


I suspect you resized the line length by using the mouse to drag the length. This method does not work.

The way to make it work is to extend the line by selecting the right box and using shift/arrow keys.

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I'm on 1.3, but what I would do is put in or select a visible pedal, Rt. click and select all similar. If there is an invisible pedal, you will be able to see where.


Even if it doesn't actually become visible when you do the Select All Similar, just hit Delete and hopefully it goes away. If not, post the score and maybe someone can find it for you.

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I tried what you guys suggested, delete, select all similar, nothing worked, and I'm left with no actual pedals and an infinite pedal. I'll post it; maybe someone can find out what's wrong. I've only worked on the 1st and 3rd parts so far, so here's the link: But I just found out that it works properly on here, but not in my score! Really weird...I wonder what the problem is.

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The problem is where I DON'T see the problem. I removed every single pedal in the score, but there still appears to be an infinite pedal within the notes! Another issue is that it plays perfectly fine when I uploaded it (as you've said), but not when I play from the original score from my computer. One problem after another...

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So if you download the score from, the problem goes away?

If so, I'd say, problem solved, and don't worry about how/why it happened - probably some sort of unreproducible glitch.

If you mean, it works well when playing it directly from but not in MuseScore on your computer even when downlaoded, then again, I'd want to know where in your score you hear the problem. That is, do you hear it right from the very beginning, or only after it's been playing for 143 measures, or what?

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