Staff size scaling baseline

• May 9, 2019 - 15:18

When enabling “Size follows ‘Staff space’ setting”, what is the scaling relative to? That is, which Spatium (in mm or imperialistic units) corresponds to a 12 pt text being set in exactly twelve PostScript points (1/72th inch)?

The other three programs seem to document this (see… for the article which pointed this out to me), but for MuseScore I can’t find it either with a site search, in the handbook or in the code really (only magic numbers like DPMM and SPATIUM20 with no documentation whatsoever). This ought to be in the user handbook.


If you want to avoid any and all scaling, leave your staff space setting at 1.764mm, or better yet, never change it from the default. I have a history of trying to fix unwanted scaling that is waaay to long at this point. Hopefully I can get a PR merged some time this year...
SPATIUM20 is the default, no scaling, spatium value. But it is in pixel units at 360ppi.

Do you mean the "Follow staff size" checkbox in the Edit Text Style part of the Styles dialog? I am not familiar with that particular feature, but I do know about the Staff Space setting in the page settings dialog box and how it generally affects scaling. This checkbox defaults to OFF, which makes me think that it is not working. I always see text scaling with the Staff space (spatium) value setting.

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No, I don’t want to “avoid scaling”, I just wish to know the baseline for the things given in pt. I am aware of your work and just now figured out where those weird 1.764 mm come from (1.7638̅ mm is 5 dpi).

The “Follow staff size” checkbox defaults to off only for the top VBox (score name, composer name, etc.) but to on for things like lyrics, and it is therefore very relevant.

Perhaps the scaling is relative to the default spatium?

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Part of what I've been trying to get merged recently is the ability to use Postscript points as the units. That's what I use for most of my scores. In my branch(es) of the code, I can set the Staff Space in points. That certainly simplifies make the math for understanding the scaling being created, having a whole number as the baseline. But I haven't been able to get it merged yet.

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