Appcrash often.

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I try musescore Nightly 2014-08-02-2108-cf1da9f. I try to create a drum exercice. But, the program quit with an error : Nom d’événement de problème: APPCRASH

I launch the program again, but when I try to load my exercice, there are an error, the program crash again.

Is there a solution to load my work again ? Do you want some informations to try to correct the crash ? (It crash often when I have many pages of sheet, with many instruments).

Sorry for my bad english.

Bye :)


The main thing we'd need is the score itself. More helpful still would be instructions on how to create the crash starting from scratch. If it was created in an older build (eg, more than a few days old), you might just have to chalk it up to what all the warnings about experimental Nightly development builds clearly state - scores created in one build might not open in the next.

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There was a slur (id=1892) defined but missing both start and stop tags at measure 443 (54ème passage) and the render engine was crashing. It can be opened by recent builds if the navigator is closed and you do not navigate after the "douzieme phase"; the good news is that it can be saved by recent builds (just open and save without navigating the score) and the saved file is no more corrupt.
Here is the "restored" version saved with 25addcaf

I don't know if the culprit for the bug is just the recent change in slur handling; it seems to me that the slurs present in the file already obey the new encoding.
If you encounter this problem again when starting from scratch in recent builds, please post the steps performed to achieve this corruption so the possible bug can be investigated.


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Your english is difficult for me, I don't understand everything. I will try to explain how my problem is:

when I substitute a rythm by an other rythm ("paste"), the error appear. I make 2 save often, but last time the 2 saves don't want to load. If it loads, I must erase the rythm and write it. No matter the version I try, there are always a problem like that.

Last time, the error appear when I try to see the page 7 and after...

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Copy and paste is a known source of score corruption and has been since MuseScore 1.x and probably earlier.

No-one has actually been able to put the finger on when, why, or how it happens, which is why it remains unfixed.

Any light you can shed on this in terms of the point at which the score corrupts and the actions you were doing immediately prior to it would help the programming team to sort this out.

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Actually, FWIW, there have been lots of bugs fixed with copy&paste since 1.3, but there are four known issues still remaining where copy&paste is known to cause corruption. Two of these have fixes pending, and the other two are being actively worked on. So copy&paste should be a lot better.

Copy&paste corruption *usually* doesn't lead to crashes though. At least not right away. but copy&paste in conjunction with slurs might. There were definitely bugs fixed in this area within the last couple of weeks. So if the score in question is older than that, then that could be the explanation.

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You mean copying from 6/8 to 4/4? Or copying triplets in 4/4? There were definitely plenty of problems with the latter, in 1.3 and in Nightly builds up until a few weeks ago. Should be better now. If you know a case where a currently Nightly build produces bad results with copy/paste, it's definitely worth reporting.

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I don't know if I have problems to copy 2/4 in 6/8 or 6/8 in 2/4. I don't use this (I create measures if I need to leave more measures).

I am in the end of my exercices. Just 2 exercices (on 64) but I have a crash again... I think there are crashes with "Slurs" and copy. Does anybody can help me to resolve the problem. I want to finish my exercices pleaaaaase ?? :D

Thank you very much.

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The solution is simple - don't use the experimental Nightly development builds for real work. They are intended for testing purposes only. Use the released version 1.3 if you need things to actually work reliably. There are bugs there too of course, but at least it is stable, so a workaround you use today will still work tomorrow.

As for bugs with slurs and copy, as I said, there definitely were such bugs a week or so ago, so if you ever saved a score with a build from then, your score is probably "infected". There is also #28756: Change of time signature corrupts slurs, leading to crash still not resolved.

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You can probably "fix" this corruption error by yourself:
- download one of the recent Nightly builds,
- open one correct score (e.g. the Promenade Example score, or a new score),
- go to "View" menu and un-check "Navigator" (i.e. hide the Navigator),
- open your corrupted score,
- without navigating through the score, "Save as" in another file,
- close all,
- the new file should load ok. Double-check the slurs, which may have changed.

If you feel lazy :-) I am attaching to this post a score saved following these steps, using version 25addca. It should load ok in a recent Nightly build.
It would be great if you could reproduce the bug with a smaller file and give the exact copy/paste steps you are using. I think that the corruption may arise from copy/paste of slurs and grace notes (two slurs and grace notes ?), but I didn't manage to reproduce it yet.

Thank you.


EDIT: On second thought, there were some corrupted slurs even in the file I attached, which were loaded and did not lead to crash, but that led to an immediate crash on copy/paste; I manually deleted them from the file. Attached a "sanitized" version (Coup-Anglais-Lafond_3_sanitized.mscz). Please let us know if you obtain again this slur corruption with recent Nightly builds on this version of the file.

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Yeaaaaah, thank you very very very very much for your solution ! It works on all my sheets, who have an error.

I will try to have the same error with the sanitized file.

Just two things: when i create a crescendo (or descrescendo), it is stopping after the time, and not before, so this is strange. When I create a crescendo on the last measure, it is finish long time before the end of the measure.

When it erase a note with a slur, the slur is again on the sheet and not erase.

I hope you can understand what I am saying :) !

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Crescendos *do* normally stop before the note when extended via shift+arrow. is there a specific score, a specific series of steps you are following, where you are finding this is *not* the case with the current builds? Could you attach the score and steps to reproduce?

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Hmm, how are you entering the crescendo? When I select a range and then press "<", it automatically places the crescendo and it ends just before the last note.

Have you recently done a factory reset (mscore -F)? You might have outdated palettes I guess.

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