Change of time signature corrupts slurs, leading to crash

• Aug 2, 2014 - 11:07
S2 - Critical

1. Select Time signature - (delete it now, ok)
2. Change time signature - (delete it now, ok)
3. Change again - (delete it now, ok)
4. Change again
5. Delete it -> Crash


I can't reproduce; I suspect it depends on the specific time signature, how you are changing it, what you are changing to, maybe whether there are any notes in the score, etc.

Could you please post more detailed steps?


I'm using the promenade example score.
1. Select first time signature ( 5/4 )
2. Open time signature palette
3. Change by double click 2/4
4. Select again
5. Double click 5/4
6. Select again
7. Double click 2/4
8. Delete -> Crash

Same thing happens for the second time signature, but at step 7. I don't even have to delete it to cause crash.

Title Deleting time signature causes crash. Change of time signature corrupts slurs, leading to crash

That helped! I can reproduce the crash using those steps, and also with a score created from scratch designed to be similar enough to trigger the bug. It has to do with slurs not being re-written properly.

You can see the problem brewing before the crash occurs. Things look fine when you first change the time signature from 5/4 to 2/4, but as soon as you change back to 5/4, you see the slur that should be over the eighth notes move to the first notes of the score. You also see the notes in the LH part further down in the score suddenly display many ledger lines below the staff - that's probably a different bug which I will file separately.

Here is a simple test case to show the slur bug:

1) new score for flute, 4/4, 32 measures
2) drag 3/4 time signature to bar 2
3) starting in bar 1, enter a C major scale in quarter notes (C D E F G A B C)
4) add slurs from second to third note of bar 1 (D-E) and first to second note of bar 2 (G-A)
5) click 4/4 in score, double click 2/4 in palette
6) click 2/4 in score, double click 4/4 in palette

Result: slurs have moved to beginning of score

I don't see a crash with this, but I assume root cause is similar.