Customising stave distance

• May 10, 2019 - 13:52

I am trying to change the distance between staves. Context - I am setting an 8-part motet, in two choirs, and would like more space between choir one and choir two. This makes it easier to read (for the singers) and direct (me, plus singing as well - I like a challenge!). I have bracketed both choirs, but still would prefer a little more distance between the two choirs' staves.

In MuseScore 2, I used to be able to change the distance between staves, and then move a stave up or down (using Shift and manually moving the stave). This doesn't appear to work in Musescore 3. I have checked the online manual (Formatting section), but could not find the fix there (apart from using Shift, but that didn't work). I also tried Stave/part properties -> Extra distance above stave, but nothing happened when I tried this.

I would appreciate some advice - thank you!


What click and drag a staff in MuseScore 2 did was change the extra space in the staff properties window (right click staff > staff/part properties). You now have to manually change that number.

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OK, thanks - I tried again, and this time it worked. I must have not been making the space change big enough to register.

However, I noticed a small glitch in Right click-> Stave/Part Properties - when one hits "cancel" after "apply" (if one does not like the change), it doesn't actually cancel (or reverse) the change one just made. One has to use the back-arrow in the score to reverse the change. I just checked Right click-> bar properties and the same glitch is there too.

I guess I should report this as a glitch? The cancel function used to reverse a change, without having to go back to the score and use the back-arrow there. It's a bit dangerous, because unless one is looking at the score when hitting "cancel" and notices that it revert to the pre-change status, one would think it had cancelled when it hadn't.

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I've seen discussion of what happens when you press apply versus OK and cancel. My understanding is that the apply button does the same as OK, without closing the dialog. This gives you the option of clicking the arrows in the bottom left corner of the dialog to move to a different staff and change settings there and then another an so forth with out the need to right click each staff and open its properties. Hopefully one of the programmers familiar with this will comment on if I'm correct.

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OK, thanks for the replies.

I'd swear in Musescore 2, "Cancel" actually reversed the applied change whist in the dialogue box...

Does this mean that the only way of reversing a change is to do so in the score via the back-button?

I'd really like to see a facility where one could select a change and then be able to see what it looks like ("View"), then have the choice to keep ("Apply and OK"), or reverse )"Cancel" or "Reverse").

This would save a lot of fiddling about , especially when playing around with finding the optimal page settings for the music being scored.

Would this be possible?

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In the case of the staff text properties, you have to use the apply button, but you do have two options to undo if you see you made a mistake. First is to change the setting back and apply it in the properties dialog the second option is to close the dialog and undo.

There are some dialogs, like the the Style window where changes can be seen immediately, but it's so big, you probably can't see the changes you are making. Other dialogs like the page settings give you a vague preview that's nice for the changes you make there.

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