Score Overload - Large Scores are Buggy

• May 11, 2019 - 22:07

This is a question to any Musescore Staff or any member I suppose, when a large score is open (scores with around 25 or so parts with intricate 16th-note rifts and many ornaments and writing on it), is it more likely for this score to overload the Musescore Program and crash it?

I am asking because I have experienced many crashes with one score I have with many parts to it (image) during basic actions (like writing tied notes or adding more than one part)

This strange bug does slow progress on notation but does not hinder progress, and its an annoyance for sure.

Another strange thing I've run into is selecting a start for the Musescore Playback and the playback jumping ahead 9 or so measures for an unknown reason.

Please note that these problems only occur while this massive score is open and only happens with other scores of similar size or smaller ones after long periods of time with the app open.

My theory is Musescore's program is not meant to handle such scores or perhaps maybe my computer does not have the proper wares to handle the computing power necessary. However, this slow-down is evident in MuseScore only, and not on a browser or other open programs (which I try and keep to a minimum.)

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What you are showing is continuous view. It currently has a lot of problems, including being far slower than page view. Most of the bugs I see have honestly been reported against page view. There is currently an attempt to improve continuous view, hopefully it will succeed and bugs like you describe can be addressed. In the mean time, if you can find a specific scenario in continuous view that causes a crash, then by all means report it so it can be fixed. Generalities can't be fixed.

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