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• May 14, 2019 - 21:57

Strings 1623, 1624 anfangstext in deutsch
I'm going to edit it in testo iniziale della linea not a literal translation but preferable. Objections/suggestions? Or is there content I don't know about?


I don't speak Italian, but it sounds like you (and the German) are trying to translate it as Beginning line text, but this is not accurate. In English these both refer to "Text Line core" This section of the inspector includes the hooks, begin text, continue text and end text. Perhaps something that translates closer to "Text line details" would be more appropriate.

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Sorry, I'm afraid I got mixed up.
In fact, I had initially translated the following Nucleo della linea del testo Maybe it'll be exact in 3.2.
In the 3.1 (Snapshot d4b829c) English (US) it appears 'Begin Text'. And I was wondering where the second Transifex string appeared.


I'll think about it again in a few hours. For today 19 hours of pc are enough

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Begin Text, Continue Text and End Text (which really should be Begin text, Continue text and End text, sentence case, not title case) are translated into Anfangstext, Forsetzungstext und Endtext, in German and I can't see how that is wrong.
Text Line Core is translated to Textzeile, this indeed looks wrong in the context (as it is not a line of text but a line with text), Textliniendetails seems better, changed to that now. Thanks for bringing that up, there are more of those, now corrected
If we we mean Text Line Details rather than Text Line Core, we should use that though in the source, there's another similar string, Text Line Base, IMHO meaning the same?

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