adding space above the first system

• May 16, 2019 - 14:37

I have two systems on the first page, three on heh subsequent pages. I want to leave blank space above the first system to push the two systems down to match the subsequent pages. How do I use the spacers to do this. When I add the spacer to the first measure it just sits there looking pretty. How do I encourage it to get working for me?

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The spacers not working seems to be a bug I remember seeing discussed at some point. I don't see it in the issue tracker.

You have a frame you can use to fix your problem. You can make the Height of the frame 70 and the Bottom margin 60 and on the printed page it will look as you want it.

EDIT: I originally said the spacer bug is fixed, but I'm thinking of one affecting the bottom of the score. Spacers currently ignore frames, by design, as frame gap is the intended method.

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