Audio Crackling and Popping

• May 17, 2019 - 20:33

Hello! I know this has been posted about 2 times but I have a MacBook Pro with 2.2Ghz core i7, 16GB RAM, with Radeon Pro. I have been experiencing this before Musescore 3, and I at first thought it had to do with my old Mac from 2016. However, the problem is even more present on my brand spankin' new one! I read somewhere that it was possible for it to be just due to how much processing power your computer has but looking at my usage in my activity monitor, Im barely hitting ten percent usage while in a large score written for band. If there is any suggestions I will gladly have them as It's really hard listening to these pops at times.

All the thanks!


Just in case...

I don't use MS-Windows and/or Apple Mac, I use Linux. BUT... I had experimented something like this, in Linux, with some specific soundfont files.

I don't know the soundfonts you are using but... Maybe... Could be...

There still are some incompatibilities between some soundfonts and Musescore synthesizer.

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