Mixer (maybe soundfont) problem MS3

• May 18, 2019 - 19:21

This happens every time. If I create a piece with any instrument (other than piano) the instruments aren't correct. The clarinets have a piano patch, Violin 1 & 2 have the oboe patch as well as violincello and contrabasses, oboes and flutes have the organ patch, bassoons have B3 Fast Leslie, etc... Why is it preset to the wrong instrument? I don't like to constantly go back to fix it. What do I do?


If you look in the synhthesizer you will likely see a sound font listed first that is probably piano only. You need the sound font with other instruments listed first.

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The instrument placements of this soundfont isn't in accordance with the GM specification.

GM instrument placement is:

000:000 Acoustic Grand Piano
000:001 Bright Acoustic Piano
000:002 Electric Grand Piano
000:003 Honky-tonk Piano
000:004 Electric Piano 1
000:005 Electric Piano 2
000:006 Harpsichord
000:007 Clavi
000:008 Celesta
000:009 Glockenspiel
000:010 Music Box
000:011 Vibraphone
000:012 Marimba
000:013 Xylophone
000:014 Tubular Bells
000:015 Dulcimer

and so on (for complete list see: https://www.midi.org/specifications-old/item/gm-level-1-sound-set )

Either you'll just stick to this soundfont, and you'll hear the music of others (scores) created in the standard layout incorrectly and when you add the instrument from the instrument selection it will always be different from what you choose or you'll find a soundfont that complies with the GM specification (Like the soundfont that comes with Musescore).

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