Salamander C5 v3 ME sf2, sf3 soundfont

• May 19, 2019 - 17:02

See the website for demo and detailed information.
Pls. write your comments and suggestions here.…

You can also follow the developments under this topic.

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Your sound and dedication is amazing. I hope to get a chance soon to reorganize my sf collections and figure out just which "Salamander" is what. (I started to get lost when I added Symphonic Sounds and Compifont from this forum.) Keep up the great work. Do you know of any sf2 vst players with a solid interface? It doesn't seem like there are any. A lot of folks use Msc for scoring post-facto or for programming midi for DAW playback.

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Thank you for your nice comments. :)

Use this VST: rgc:audio sFz.

The name of this software is sFz, but it also plays sf2 soundfonts perfectly.
A single instance can only use 1 soundfont.
Of course you can use another one for another track.
Performance is also good.
Although it's x86 (32 bit) I am running in Cubase64 and elsewhere.…

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