Dynamics do not change voices

• May 20, 2019 - 17:57

I've noticed, that when you exchange voices, dynamics do not change voices. I would expect that if you select an entire measure and exchange voices, everything in the first voice would be moved to the second voice.

I hadn't paid attention to this before apparently, but it was the same way in version 2.


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This is a limitation that there is talk about fixing, and you even linked to the request. You can put a dynamic in a voice by selecting a note in the proper voice and adding the dynamic. Switching a dynamic attached to a note should make the dynamic follow the note or notes in the case of a hairpin. When this request gets filled at some point in the future it will make the process of updating existing scores much easier. You will have the option of selecting all dynamics in voice 2 and setting the range to voice if that's what you want to do.

Not just dynamics, but other text too. To some extent this makes sense - most text (including dynamics) is really intended to apply to that point in the score / staff more or less globally. Eg, if you add the word "dolce", or a chord symbol "C7", you add it in voice 1 and it is assumed to apply to all voices. You don't really want that moving to another voice just because you flip notes around. Except, of course, when you do. Not sure what the best solution is. We could force people who want to keep their text where it is to use the Selection Filter, but that will seem like a regression to most people most of the time.

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I don't think other text makes sense to be moved to other voices, only dynamics (including hairpins). The other texts that do anything are not voice specific or are essentially decorations that don't actually affect playback. Even pizz. and arco are not basically voice specific. They can be entered in any voice and still be set to only affect other voices.

I'm not sure if a trill line is considered a hairpin or not, but they are one of the few other things that should be voice specific and should only affect the notes they are attached to.

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