Is this girl playing violin with MuseScore piano accompaniment?

• May 21, 2019 - 17:43

As titled:

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I was saying "beautiful, beautiful!", but those glissandi absolutely destroyed it for me. Technique without taste.

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Hmm. interesting.

I know that the beginning of this music-piece (Nocturne) is "p" dynamic.
The piano can therefore be of low-volume.

Because that part was played with the violin, they probably wiped out the right-hand part.

And at this time all the dynamics were also deleted (because it was placed on the right hand in the score). : /
(indifference or carelessness to the piano instrument.)

However, in any case: they had to adjust the mix of the violin in a volume that would be balanced with the piano instrument.

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It looks her piano is not playing dynamics, flat through, but the good part is her piano timbre is very bright, how do I make MuseScore play also piano brighter like hers? Now just found out how to upload music in zip in this forum:

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You can find it online if you search, sure. But the above is true - it's the exact same data, with lossless compression to make the file size smaller, so there is no difference in audio quality. The only difference is that uncompressing it takes a few seconds when you first start MuseScore or load the soundfont.

Nowadays, MS3 Piano exported WAV is very high quality, for better quality with fast tricks,
put them to DAW and thousands of VST effects (free or paid) could have endless possibilities.

P.S. I provide exam pieces - piano part to my violin students since MS1.X era.

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