MS3 No longer able to "not play repeat"

• May 23, 2019 - 01:40

Hello! I have been a long time user of Musescore, since MS1 and I am happy to say this program does everything I need.

One feature I liked in MS2 was that you could put repeats into the music, and then in the inspector there was the option to not play the repeat. It was a simple dropdown menu as far as I can recall (I updated so don't have perfect memory) but I'm quite certain it was a feature. I noticed today that while using MS3 on a song that was full of repeats that this option was no longer readily available. I'd love to know if there's a way to make musescore ignore the repeat during playback. If so, it should be made readily available as it was in MS2 for ease of use. I'm not one for cutting back on useful streamlining features like this, and I'm sure you guys aren't either!

Another issue I noticed is that on MS2 it was incredibly easy to select a note, right click with my mouse on a blank space, and add text to my music. I use this at least once every 5 minutes while using MS if not more. For whatever reason when I select a note and right click now, all the options I get are "style" "page settings" and "load style" I find this incredibly frustrating to have to go up into the Add menu up above in order to add text. I know I should just memorize all the hotkeys but there's a lot of hotkeys to remember! (There were also a load of other useful options that once appeared when I right clicked on a blank space, I can't recall them all, but they are all now missing)

I hope these issues are simple to resolve and you understand why they are important! Thank you for your time,
Hannah K.


Turning off playback of repeats has been the press of a button on the playback toolbar. The button looks like a repeat bar. If you don't see it, then press the >> on the right end of the playback toolbar and you will see it.

I don't remember being able to ever right click to add text, but I use ctrl+t to add staff text all the time in both v2 & 3. There are other types of text and I use shortcuts for those as well.

For Jumps (like "D.S al Code" you can select in Inspector whether on such a jump 'normal' repeats (|: ... :|) are take or not. No change between MuseScore 2 and 3

True, that right-click contect menu lost the ability to add texts in MuseScore 3

Maybe I'm missing something, but I didn't see any way to add text to a note using right-click in MuseScore 2 either. I don't think that was ever a thing. There may be lots of shortcuts, but no one ever said you need to remember them all (I certainly don't). Just the ones you use most frequently, and sounds like Ctrl+T to add text (not that hard to remember - "T" for "text"!) should make your list.

BTW, if you are seeing only style / page settings / load style, then you aren't right-clicking a note, but an empty space. If you do actually right-click a note, you'll see many more options, the exact same menu as MsueScore 2 as far as I can see.

EDIT: oh wait, I see, you weren't right-click the note or a blank space within the score, but a blank space completely outside the score. True, that menu seems gone. But Ctrl+T is even easier :-)

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