Single Note Dynamics?

• May 24, 2019 - 19:00

Do the single note dynamics work with any of the soundfonts listed on the MuseScore website or just the preloaded 3.1 version?


It will work with any soundfont. In the synthesizer use the Dynamics tab and select CC Events only... in the first dropdown and CC11 in the second. I think you want to press the Reset all button to set single note dynamics to on, but look in the inspector when you select a note before you do this.

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I have been using this function for almost 20 years. (Since my digital studio days)

Soundfont synthesizers (hardware (like keyboards and sound modules and samplers) and software (like: sfz, sforzando) or driver based: (like Fluid and BASS) ) can play any soundfont with the default CC11 modulator, even if there is no modulator definitions in soundfont.

See: SoundFont 2.01 Technical Specification - Page 41 - Printed 12/10/1996 5:57 PM (

8.4 Default Modulators
8.4.1 MIDI Note-On Velocity to Initial Attenuation
8.4.2 MIDI Note-On Velocity to Filter Cutoff
8.4.3 MIDI Channel Pressure to Vibrato LFO Pitch Depth
8.4.4 MIDI Continuous Controller 1 to Vibrato LFO Pitch Depth
8.4.5 MIDI Continuous Controller 7 to Initial Attenuation
8.4.6 MIDI Continuous Controller 10 to Pan Position
8.4.7 MIDI Continuous Controller 11 to Initial Attenuation
8.4.8 MIDI Continuous Controller 91 to Reverb Effects Send
8.4.9 MIDI Continuous Controller 93 to Chorus Effects Send
8.4.10 MIDI Pitch Wheel to Initial Pitch Controlled by MIDI Pitch Wheel Sensitivity

PS: No need to (invented) expr patches.

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