• May 24, 2019 - 19:12

When I add the last note in a bar for example a whole note plus a dot, it jumps into the next bar as well, so I ended up with two bars with the same note. How can I eliminate this automatic trend.


If you want the entire note in the current measure use ctrl+shift+ notename to insert the note. If there are extra rests left over then select them and press ctrl+shift+delete to get rid of them. Note that you will get a blue + telling you the measure is longer than the key signature.

I'm not totally sure what you are asking. Is your measure in 6/4, or some other time signature that can actually fit six beats in it? If not, then it's totally normal and correct to split it into two tied notes. If you think there is some sort of case where this is happening but should not be, please attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

If you place a dot after a note, that used to indicate that its note's length is to be increased to one half.
// whole-note: 4 quarter-note in 4/4 time-signature. It's duration is 4 beats long .

The dotted-whole-note isn't fits in a 4/4 measure.
// whole-note + dot-on-the-right-side = 4 + 2 = 6 beats.

So: a tied-half-note (2 beats long) is added to the next measure

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It puts what ever number of measures on every row you ask for, as long as the measures are not too wide to fit on the row.

If you want to fix only one row, then select the last measure you want on the row and press the enter key on the alphanumeric keyboard (not the 10 key). By the way, this is a toggle, so if you have a system break you don't want, you can select that measure and press enter to get rid of it.

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