Ten keys do not work?

• May 25, 2019 - 01:17


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I'm not an expert on tab, so forgive me for not realizing this before. You cannot use the numeric pad to enter numbers on tabs. These numbers set the duration. So pressing 5 on the numeric pad tells musecore you are entering a quarter note, pressing a number on the numbers above the alphabet puts a number on the tab.

I am making ukulele TABs with Ver3 and mini template is attached.
This time I want to input numbers on the TAB by ten-keys at first.
However keys don't work,of course NumLock is on and can use upper number keys.
In MuseScore function to input numbers by these keys is stopped?to use them for some other purposes.
Why I ask,if I can do it, it's very convenient to me to make scores more quickly.
Any answers will be appreciated.

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I'm not telling you not to ask for help in the English forum, we're more than happy to help you and overcome poor English, it happens a lot and your English is better than you give yourself credit for.

You never answered if you are using a Linux system (rather than windows). If you are, there are known problems with this. If you will answer the question then someone can help you better.

Also, if you prefer, there are several Japanese speakers on the Japanese forum who are willing and able to help you. I noticed you mentioned this to them, but I don't see where anyone asked if you are using Linux.

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At once I have given up to use numeric pad(ten-keys).
After ,I tried as follows:
I cleared some short cut keys made in Musescore.
only short cut keys which use keys(numeric pad )alone(means not with Ctrl,Shift keys).
Because I do not need these shot cuts.
Now I can use numeric pad in order to put numbers iin TAB.
(sorry ten-keys=Japanese?)

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