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• May 28, 2019 - 21:08

I run a win7 Pro PC with a 64 bit op sys.
I downloaded and installed the new V3.1 version.
When I double-clicked on the new icon, after about 10 secs I got a black box labelled
"Crash-reporter" plus a screen that lets me add comments about what i was doing when MS crashed. I can complete that but when I click "Send" nothing happens apart from being told "Crash reporter not responding". The only way forward is "Task Manager"

I have downloaded and can run the 32-bit version.

Any suggestions as to what my problem might be?
Or do I just continue running 32-bit MS?

I don't have any problems running other 64 bit software.


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Exactly. I thought I would just try again with the new release to see if the problem had cleared but obviously not. been using the 32-bit version for a little while and it's fine (apart from continuous view) for everything I need to do.

Just puzzled why 64-bit won't even start.

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Continuous view should be better now.

Try to run MuseScore from the command line (I don't remember how to get there easily in windows 7) and put -F (capital F) at the end of the command musescore3 to reset it to factory settings. See if this allows it to run.

TOTALLY! I'm getting the same problem on Windows 10 64-bit, but I didn't get any crash reporter window, but the app just quitted suddenly few seconds after the app launched, maybe I'm going to use the 32-bit version MuseScore instead... It's really frustrating that I can't jot down a few bars when the idea just hitted me...

I can't be absolutely certain but I'm pretty sure I have run the 64 bit version on this PC when MS3 was first released. It would have been an early nightly but I haven't any written record of doing so, so can't be definate.
I have just downloaded and run the 64-bit version on a second PC. That one runs Win7 Home (not pro).
That makes me think there is a configuration/software problem on my "usual" PC, but I don't know where to start to to find it.

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I use version 10, but if I remember correctly you can right click the desktop and choose System or devices or something similar.
This will open a window with a tree showing your devices.
If you click the device (maybe right click it?) you will be able to get to a window that shows the properties.
From there you should be able to select the driver tab and have the option to update the driver.
I think that somewhere in that window, it should tell you if you have a 32 bit or 64 bit device and updating the driver should assure that you have the latest driver that will support 64 bit if it's at all possible.

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Have tried running from the command line with the following options:

-s had no benefit, failed as before
-w had no effect, failed as before
-F allowed me to enter various options and then failed as before.

I'm sure I was running V3 (64 bit) on this PC previously without this problem.
I certainly have an MS V3 score created on 6/Dec 2018 but I don't know which version that would be.
I'm almost certain the trouble started when I updated to 3.05

I downloaded the latest installer for MuseScore for Windows 10. It would not play the bass notes on the first attached mscz file (Beethoven passage). Also, when I used the resource manager for installing the optional soundfonts, they didn't play the second attached file (CMajor scale) at all. When I then tried to uninstall them nothing seemed to happen. And then, when I tried to remove them from the synthesizer the program crashed.

I ended up removing version 3.1 from my computer, and reinstalling version That version plays the attached files without any issues.

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Whatever you do, don't go back to 3.0.2, but at least to 3.0.5.

  • CMajorScale (1).mscz plays just fine here (it stems from MuseScore 1.2 BTW), and I have the HQ soundfont installed (the one from the resource manager)

  • Beethoven Piano Sonata 22 in F minor Op 54 (4 measures).mscz plays too, but only the 2nd half, indeed only treble clef (and stems from MuseScore 2.3.2). Very strange, it does play normally in 2.3.2.
    It has a (n invisible) 'dynamic' "dolce" with velocity set to 0, deleting that and it does play properly.
    Seems before that 0 means to ignore the dynamic, now it is interpreted as silence?

But whatever it is it is totally unrelated to the OP's issue

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